Ami Vega is a manicurist and nail artist from New York City. Born in the Big Apple, Ami has cultivated a love and passion for the arts all of her life. She spent most of her youth attending art schools. Notably, she attended F.H LaGuardia H.S for Music & Art. In 2011 her passion for nail art took a new level when she started a Tumblr account to showcase her tiny works of art. In 2012, she got recognition from publications like Marie Claire and Nails Magazine. She later started working with major beauty brands like Maybelline and Revlon. And in 2013, she signed with an NYC talent agency and since then has been working in the industry with some of the worlds most respected brands. 

Ami’s work is a true labor of love, highlighting her attention to detail and bringing her client's vision to life. In 2015 she published a nail art DIY book, Designer Nails (Penguin Random House 2015), to share her tips and tricks with women all around the world. In 2016 her work garnered new attention as she was creating nail art that brought to light a lot of the social issues going on in the world. This new kind of work, coined “micro-activism” by The Great Big Story, was featured by outlets like HuffPost, Fusion TV, and Essence Magazine. Ami’s goal with her art is to tell the story of her clients whether it is a fun and fashionable story or one displaying a social issue their client feels strongly about. 

Currently, Ami is continuing to work with several renowned brands through her agency and servicing her dedicated clients all over NYC. In the future, she hopes to pursue teaching in the nail industry and continue to work with brands who share her love of nails and design.